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USB Lighter Rechargeable Electric Arc Candle Lighter Klearlook Flameless Metal Lighter Windproof Splashproof Plasma Beam Lighter with LED Battery Display Safety Switch for Candle Gas Stove Camping BBQ

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Stainless Steel Butane Shabbat Lighter 8″

Stainless Steel Butane Candle Lighter - Switch up for gas to ignite flame Adjustable flame size Ideal for Erev Shabbos and Erev Yom Tov candle lighting or barbeques
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USB Candle Lighter, HOKEKI ARC Electric Kitchen Lighter with 360°Flexible Neck Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Portable 9IN for Camping Grilling BBQ Gas Stove (Red)

Safety Design: Designed with a long handle and flexible neck, keeps a safe distance from your hand, no need to worry about burning yourself. The lighter has a 10 seconds automatically shut down feature, ensures a long using life for saving energy. Longer Flexible Neck & Lightweight Size: Our upgraded candle lighters long has a long flexible neck (4 inches). It is easily rotated 360 degree for different lighting needs. Lightweight size is suitable for daily indoor and outdoor use. Wind & Splash Proof: The wind and splash proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. HOKEKI arc candle lighter is a perfect tool for lighting under bad weather.
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Megainvo Candle Lighter, Long Lighter Plasma USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter Windproof Flameless Electronic Lighter for Yankee Candle Grill BBQ Camping Encendedor 360° Flexible Neck(Black)

[Wide Applications]: This plasma lighter can easily light a scented candle, gas stoves and hot barbecue without worrying the flame will burn your hand. Greatly for indoor and outdoor activities, perfect as an camping lighter, firework lighter, fire lighter, Yankee lighter, bbq lighter, candle lighter, grill lighter and emergency fire starter tool. [Safe & Secure Lighter]:①Using an electric arc without flame, odor and toxic fuels, no gas and fluid required anymore. ②6.5s automatically shut off, more safer and secure.③Child-proof switch protecting the on/off button to keep children away from the fire. [360° Rotation Soft & Flexible Elbow]: This electric lighter front flexible 15cm long neck can be rotated at will for convenient using and bend to different angles to meet different application needs.
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Candle Lighter Electric Arc Lighter Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter – Battery Display, 3.9″ 360° Flexible Longer Neck, Flameless Windproof for Camping Cooking Stovetops Fireworks

UNIQUE HANDLE & ULTRA FLEXIBLE NECK: Sleek design body of entire 9.5" long, the ergonomic handle of this electronic lighter would give you super comfortable grip, and the 3.9in long 360° Flexible Neck, can be bent freely for your lighting in a variety of complex positions. Make users safer, easier, and smarter in use BATTERY INDICATOR & RECHARGEABLE: Power status from 1 blue light to 4 blue lights, which represent battery power level from very low to very high. Rechargeable 300mAh lithium battery, can be used up to 220-300 times (about 320 cigarettes) of a 1.5~2 hours' full charge WINDPROOF & WIDE USE: Wind and Splash proof guarantee your use in any weather. Perfect for being an Outdoor Lighter, BBQ Lighter, Candle Lighter, Stove Lighter, Wedding Celebration Utility, Fireplace Starter, and Emergency Fire Starter Tool
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Sparcker Electric Arc Plasma Lighter – Candle Lighter – BBQ Grill Lighter – Camping Lighter – Safety Lock – Long Neck – USB Rechargeable – Flameless Windproof Lighter- Butane Free (Silver)

ELECTRIC ARC PLASMA TECHNOLOGY - SPARCKER comes with state-of-art flameless technology. It uses a special plasma arc to create a powerful electric current. Possible uses include - Candles, Camping, Gas Stove, Kitchen, Fireplace, and much more. USB RECHARGEABLE & BATTERY INDICATOR - SPARCKER comes with a USB wire and built-in lithium battery that recharges in 1 to 2 hours. After a single charge, use the SPARCKER hundreds of times. There are 5 lights located on the SPARCKER. Each light represents 20% power to inform you when the SPARCKER needs a charge. CHILD LOCK & SAFE TO USE - Keep yourself, your family and your friends safe with a built in safety switch. Simply slide the switch after use and store it away. The plasma arc will automatically shut off after 8-10 seconds in order to preserve battery power.
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Electric Arc Lighter Flexible Candle Lighter – USB Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Extended Lighter with 360°Flexible Neck for Candles Camping Grilling BBQ Gas Stoves and Fireworks, No Spark & Smell

🔥【RECHARGEABLE & DUABLE】Flexible arc lighter could be fully charged more than 500 times with micro USB cable within 30 minutes and use more than 1000 times per fully charging. No gas, fluid required. Save your money and no worry about lack of fuel 🔥【WINDPROOF & SPARKPROOF】Arc candle lighters create a flameless Arc which make it windproof to work well even in windy weather when camping, BBQ and any other outdoor activities 🔥【SAFE & EASY TO USE】360°Rotation Long Neck keeps you from hurt of burning and makes electric candle lighters bent easily to different angles to meet different application needs; Safety Cover & 10s automatically shut off Design prevent electric arc candle lighters from working accidentally (NOTICE:Please do NOT touch the ARC with hands)
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Candle Lighters Long Grill Lighter Electric Arc Lighter Plasma Windproof Flameless USB Rechargeable Lighters for Candles Yankee Candle Grill BBQ Fire Fireplace Stove Camping Encendedor

[More Stable & Durable Candle Lighter]: Megainvo fire lighters adopts latest innovative plasma technologies to optimize the durability and stability of the built-in lithium battery, which is the most stable newest generation electric arc lighter on the market.This long handle lighter solved the battery problem that stops working after a couple of weeks and prolong the lifetime. [Windproof & Flameless Arc Candle Lighter]: Megainvo USB rechargeable lighter use electric arc without flame and smell, which is unaffected by wind or water and makes it can be used in any heavy weather. Perfect for outdoor activities, such as grill, camping and exploration. [Safe & Secure Long Handle Lighter]: :①Child-proof safety switch protecting the on/off button to keep children away from the fire.( Slide the on/off button to the left, then push up the switch button to release electric arc).  ②Long handle keeps hand from getting burned when lighting jar candle, scented candle or grill. ③6.5 seconds auto power off
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Candle Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter with Battery Indicator Rechargeable Windproof Plasma Lighter – 360° Flexible Long Neck, Safety Switch (9.5″ Long)

PREMIUM HANDLE & ULTRA FLEXIBLE NECK: Total length of 9.5 in, a comfortable and durable long handle, with a 3.9 in long flexible neck which can be rotated 360° to different angles to meet different needs. One piece arc lighter is better than 1000 traditional lighters. Ideal for Candles BBQ Camping Cooking Stovetops Fireworks BATTERY INDICATOR & LONG TIME USE: This candle lighter uses blue lights to indicate real time power status from high to low. Never worry about sudden loss of power and have no time to recharge it. Battery charge cycle of 600~800 times. A 1.5~2-hour full charge can hold up to 300 times use or weeks ADVANCED SAFETY: Safety is the NO.1 thing important. It will auto stop igniting if continuous work for 10 seconds to avoid high temperature damage. With safety switch, keeping you and your children away from flame hurt. Plus protections of overcharge/overheat/short-circuit during your charging time
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Homate Candle Lighter, USB Rechargeable Lighter with a Hook for Handy Storage, Multi-purpose Electronic Arc Lighter – (B-black)

Flameless and windproof design help ignite quickly. Hidden Lighter and child-resistant safety button. USB recharging: rechargeable function comes with a USB charging cable, no gas or fluid required. 300 times per charge.
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NEX Electric Arc Lighter Plasma Arc Lighter Long USB Rechargeable for Candle Gas Stove BBQ Camping Firework NX-HH02-11

【Extended Arc Lighter】Longer handle keeps your hand from getting burned while lighting jar candle or grill. Childproof safety switch prevent it from starting accidently while not in use. 【No More Butane or Smell】No more harmful butane. Studies show that butane can be harmful to human and Electric Arc Lighter uses plasma tech to eliminate the influences of butane for your health. 【Rechargeble Battery】 Electric Arc Lighter is powered by Lithium-Ion with 280mAh. USB charging. No flame. No fuel. Fully charged about 1-2 hour, more than 400 times spark per charge.
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