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The Hebrew word “Kiddush” means “to do something holy.” The Kiddush ceremony is a recital of a blessing on sweet wine before a big festive meal. If there is no sweet wine, you can also use grape juice. It is an essential ceremony, so a special cup is used, and most people aim to get the perfect Kiddush cup. The Kiddush ceremony is held on various occasions, such as weddings, but most people associate it with Shabbat.

The Kiddush Ceremony on Shabbat symbolizes the rest after a hard work week and daily chore

Usually, the head of the family holds a ceremony and hands out a Kiddush mug with consecrated wine to everyone. Once the Kiddush is cooked, Challah is blessed, and the rest of the food can be eaten. Kiddush is used not only to greet Shabbat but also to finish it, the Havdalah ceremony. Thus, Kiddush is held twice, at the beginning of dinner on Friday, and at the beginning of the morning lunch on Saturday. It is one of the most important religious rituals, so Kiddush cups and fountains are among the most popular items in Judaic.

Features of the Kiddush cups

Most Kiddush cups have a standard size, about four or five inches tall. These cups and fountains can be made from different materials. They are usually created of precious metals such as silver or nickel. However, lacquered wood and ceramic are also used. Most people prefer to choose sterling silver, but ceramic cups look the same attractive.

Decorations of the Kiddush cups

Kiddush ceramic cups are usually painted and silver or nickel is engraved. Traditional images of Israel, various animal species, and seven types of fruits and cereals, which Israel is famous for, are popular paintings on ceramic cups. Kiddush sterling silver cups have a wide variety of decorations. They have a simple, but elegant design, with elements of the Renaissance, namely specific flower patterns, bunches of grapes, Jerusalem, and blessing engravings in English.

Kiddush cups are an excellent gift for a bridegroom at a Jewish wedding or a boy celebrating his entry into adulthood. The Kiddush Cup is an essential religious subject of Judaic, necessary for Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. Here you can choose magnificent cups with mat glass, with gold-plated elements, baby cups, and much more, which you can buy for a gift or your family.

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