There are many traditions in Judaism, such as washing hands after eating. This rite is called Mayim Achronim, or “Final Waters,” because the action takes place after the meal. In this case, for washing hands, use a special cup and basin set to put aside for this purpose.


Mayim Achronim is the rite tradition of pouring water over the fingertips prior to reciting the Grace after Meals or Birkat HaMazon in Hebrew. It is an ancient tradition dating back to the Talmud and possibly to the priests in the Temple. The tradition arose out of a medical concern, specifically avoiding touching certain powerful corrosive salts to the eyes.

The set consists of a basin with which to wash the hands and a cup

Cup may be as plain as a Washing Cup and the basin may be made by plastic. They may have a diverse design. Jews typically try to beautify all with commandments; therefore artisans create original and attractive elaborate Mayim Achronim cups and basins.


Many people prefer wooden and ceramic sets because they are easier to personalize with paintings like the walls of Jerusalem, seven species or the words “Mayim Achronim”. Mayim Achronim metal kits, which are usually made of tin, brass, or silver, are also in great demand. These materials have a popular floral design or seven species picture and of course the words “Mayim Achronim”. Often, such sets are made of silver.


There are several styles of Mayim Achronim sets. The most common form is a small cup that fits in a basin or saucer. The cup can be in the form of a Greco-Roman jug or a miniature Kiddush cup. You can choose from floral patterns, grapes, pearls, and even detailed engravings of Jerusalem.

There are also larger kits of Mayim Achronim

The water dispenser in these sets is usually shaped like a Wash Cup or like a Greco-Roman jug. They look like Renaissance-era Italian silver lavers. Mayim Achronim large lacquered wooden kits are usually painted with bright themes, such as the Seven Species, and may contain Bible verses relating to Israel or the thanks of the Almighty for support. These lacquered wood sets are simpler in design and usually have floral patterns if they are decorated at all. Look for a gift for a wedding, birthday, or another important event? In our store, you can select the high-quality Mayim Achronim sets for a gift for your Jewish friend or relatives.

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