Autumn is the time for long-awaited holidays, fun, joyful and, at the same time, very spiritual
The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah opens the holiday season. In these special days for every Jew, it is necessary to look around and analyze their actions and deeds for the outgoing year. They should see the results of their work, find out whether the goals set for the year have been achieved. The traditional and obligatory  “voice of the shofar” on these holidays calls for opening their hearts and exerts an unusually strong influence on the Jewish soul.

The shofar is one of the oldest wind instruments, which was mainly used as an instrument for military signals. In addition, with his help notified of any important event. Today, the sound of the shofar can be heard during the autumn holidays. Its sound remains the same as thousands of years ago thanks to the relentless pursuit of the traditions of its manufacture, and also the transmission from generation to generation of the features of its use.
Kinds of Shofar
The shofar is a horn of a ram, sheep, or kudu that has been removed, thoroughly cleaned, and gouged. According to Jewish law, ram horn is the most preferred, especially those that have a bend. Horns differ according to custom and tradition. Iraqi and Iranian Jews often use Bavli shofar, which usually has an unfinished surface and produces a very deep sound.
Moroccans and Germans traditionally use the horn of a flat ram
The Yemenis have created their own horns, which is more like a winding straight line. They are the largest shofar, 60 centimeters or longer. These shofars made from kudu and have two noticeable bends. The classic twisted hoof-shaped shofar is the most popular and widely used. The horn is different in style and ornament. It can be polished, semi-polished, or natural. The shofar may have silver ornaments with a biblical theme or painted. Synagogues usually use medium-sized shofar, as this is the perfect combination of a strong sound and comfortable size.
Shofar as a souvenir
Although most people do not know how to properly blow the shofar to produce the desired, breathtaking sound, they purchase it as a gift or an interior item. The shofar must be made from the horns of a kosher animal with large horns, but they are rare and very expensive. Many people buy children’s shofar, which is perfect as a decoration. Many horns are decorated with silver ornaments with a special biblical theme, Hebrew text, or with illustrations of garnets, lions, menorahs, crowns.
The ideal gift is a shofar on a stand
Magnificent silver horn, which looks majestically, decorates the house with any interior. The stand will make the shofar more visible. If you don’t want to put this symbolic horn on display, choose a shofar with a velvet bag. It will retain its original appearance. We have a large selection of gorgeous shofars of various sizes and finishes, and also several horns on beautiful stands and storage bags.

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