Tallitot and tefillin are a very important part of the daily life of many Jews

Tallit & Tefillin Bags

Tallit is a prayer shawl worn in the synagogue for worship and other religious events. Tallit can be made of various materials, but most often it is made of high-quality wool. Tallitot are large because they are designed to cover the head and most of the body. During the prayer ministry, it is put on the shoulders and the back. Tefillin are a pair of black leather boxes containing Hebrew parchment scrolls. A set includes two pieces—one for the head and one for the arm. Each consists of three main components: the scrolls, the box, and the strap. Tallit and Tefillin are important to keep in a special, well-made bag in order to provide them with proper care and respect.

Variety of the bags

Tallit bags are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. It is usually made of cloth. It may have a classic design in a strip of black, blue, or white. The outer edge of a Tallit bag is most often made of velvet, but can also be made from silk, leather or other types of fabric. Tallit velvet bags are usually in black, red, green, or blue.

They have a zipper that goes through the top edge

More decorative Tallitot can display the design of the old city of Jerusalem or a Biblical quote written in Hebrew. You can also personalize your Tallit bag by stating your name or quotation in Hebrew. Famous designer Emanuel creates bags with a beautiful image of Jerusalem.

Tefillin bags can also be made of genuine leather or artificial leather

Metal plates with various types of engravings are a popular adornment for such accessories. They may also be in the form of a small portfolio. The inside of these bags usually has a soft fabric, such as silk or linen. Cotton and linen can be used, but they are usually not employed together because of the biblical ban. Tallit and Tefillin bags can also be purchased with a plastic or nylon cover that protects it from damage caused by water, food, drinks, and other items.


Tallit and Tefillin bags can have almost any design. Very often on the front of Tallit Bags, there is the word “Tallit” in the color corresponding to the selected design, or with a gold or silver thread. On velvet bags, the most common patterns are a floral ornament, multi-colored, silver, or gold images of the holy city of Jerusalem. The Seven Species, the Tree of Life, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel are also popular images. Pictures on Tallit velvet bags can be single-colored or full-color.

Tallit leather bags have two completely different types of jewelry

Tallit leather briefcase bags, on the sides, usually have metal plaques on which are engraved with images of Jerusalem and the stars of David. The bags with other forms decorated with leather details, on which images of Jerusalem and Hebrew text are embossed.

Special gift

Tallit Bags can be personalized in a variety of ways. The most popular of which is embroidering the Hebrew name of the bag owner with colorful thread looks attractive and especially. This bag will be a wonderful gift for Bar Mitzvah. The boy will receive his first Tallit, so the bag for this event is a great idea.

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