The Origin and Observance of Kiddush in Judaism
Kiddush ceremony in Hebrew means “holy” and refers to a ceremony held before a meal during Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. This ceremony, which has been held for thousands of years, indicates a division between regular workday status and a Saturday holiday. The ceremony is held at the beginning and at the end of these days. It includes drinking wine from an ornamental silver cup after the blessing. The wine is then evenly distributed between all participants of the meal in special cups.
Often, many guests are present on Sabbath and holiday dinners
It creates a situation in which many people have to drink some of the wine used during the Kiddush. Wine fountains were designed to make this process convenient. The purpose of the blessing of wine is to sanctify it. This means that we take something simple and give it some spiritual meaning. This is indeed the goal of life in accordance with the Jewish tradition, namely, to change something simple and even negative and turn it into something beautiful that honors God.
Design of Wine Fountain
The Wine Fountain consists of one central Kiddush silver blessing cup and Kiddush cups used for family and guests. The number of small cups can reach eleven or even eighteen, but they always correspond to the number of holes in the fountain. Kiddush fountains are made with a large tray. It has several small feet on the outer edge.
Assortment and kinds
Traditionally all items were silver or silver plated. However, over time, a number of alternatives emerged. Now you can find a colorful assortment of ceramic cups for babies with drawings from the Bible, Images of Israel, and also birds and flower motifs. There are gorgeous plastic cups. You will not afraid that they will break. The Kiddush fountains usually engraved items from Judaic associated with the Kiddush, such as bunches of grapes. Besides, Kabalistic texts can be engraved on the cups, with anagrams of Hebrew words, and also the names of angels and God.

The aluminum fountain with a shiny smooth metallic has a stunning design of each cup with a lot of great colors. The Scene of Jerusalem Silver Plated Wine Fountain would be great in any home with a traditional elegant look to it. Looking for something brighter and more colorful? Choose a set from Yair Emanuel. The large Kiddush Bowl is hand-painted with bright acrylics from an image of Jerusalem.
Wine Fountains is a convenient way to serve guests wine after the Kiddush blessing
It is customary to gather family and friends for a joyful Sabbath meal. The Kiddush Wine Fountain would be the perfect gift for a Jewish wedding, so the newlyweds can use it when they host guests on Sabbath dinner. These magnificent wine fountains, created by some famous Israeli Jewish artists will look great on a Saturday holiday. They make it easy for you to spill wine for guests and all family members. Kiddush Fountains is a great Judaic item that you can buy for your family or friends as a housewarming gift.

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