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Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl) is a special quadrangular cape, to the corners of which are attached Tsitsit threads. As a rule, a tallit is a rectangular piece of white cloth (most often of wool) with several stripes woven around the sides. The Tallit image was used to create the flag of the state of Israel. Tallit is usually made from sheep’s wool, although other materials are used, such as flax, cotton, silk, and today even synthetics. The usual size of the tallit is 1×1.5 m. other sizes are possible. In his 4 corners, there is a Tzitz brush. Usually, 2 blue or black stripes are woven from the upper side of the tallit.

jewish prayer shawl

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Jewish shawl example (Tallit)

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Polyester does not have the smell that comes from silk shawls, so Zion Judaica will be a great gift. You do not have to wash it several times to erode the smell.

Bag with a zipper is much more convenient than ordinary rope bags. Again, it is also made of polyester.

If you wish, you can embroider everything you want on this shawl and order the ready version. Nevertheless, the Tallit is not very expensive.

The quality of the material, the beauty of design, embroidery and Hebrew writing, the possibility of personalization and the zipper bag make this shawl one of the best on the market. There are no bad reviews on Amazon about this shawl.

What is Tallit

Tallit is a Jewish prayer cover. Stripes on the waist are usually blue, black, or purple, but they can be any color of the rainbow. It has brushes on the four corners called tzitzit. Tallit can be large (Tallit Gadol) or small (tallit katan), size to the shoulders. It should be long enough to cover the shoulders like a shawl, and not just cover the neck like a scarf. Classic Tallit is made from wool, cotton or silk, but it can also be made from any other material.

When Jews Dress Tallit

Jews use tallit usually in all major life events – from circumcision to Bar and Bat mitzvah, weddings, and even death. But it is most often used during the Morning Prayer. Usually, men wear a prayer cover because Jewish law does not oblige women to wear it. But now there are many available shapes and colors that are suitable for women. Therefore, many women use tallit during prayer too. For a Jew, the tallit is a symbol of Jewish identity, because it is used at every important life event. But for those who were not born a Jew, this is a symbol of the Jewish Messiah. Covering with a tallit helps the Jews to deepen their intimate relationship with God. This thing does not have a special power, but it reminds us of God and His Words, in which people find strength.

Tzitzit or Fringe

The main goal of the tallit was actually to wear tzitzit or brushes. Tzitzit should be on each of the four corners, which are reminiscent of God’s commandments. Traditionally, on each tzitzit, there is a blue rope called Tkhelet. According to one opinion, the blue Tkhelet serves as a reminder to us of God’s creation, the ocean, the sky, the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written, and His throne of glory. Before putting on the Big tallit (before the Shaharit prayer), a blessing is pronounced. Immediately after the blessing, the head and most of the body are covered by tallit and then put it on the shoulders. There is a huge variety of prayer covers, differing in the color of stripes, weaving tzitzit – according to the traditions of certain communities.

#1 – Tallis Prayer Shawl Israel – Blue & Silver or Blue & Gold

Traditional wool Tallit straight from Israel, which will sit perfectly on you

In total, three colors prevail on Tallit: gold, blue, and white. In addition, a Hebrew tzitzit blessing is embroidered on the neckband. Here is the literal translation into English: “Blessed are You, our G-d, the King of the Universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the Tallit”. If you need a stylish and durable shawl for daily use in the synagogues then the shawl from Talitnia is an excellent choice.


  • Inexpensive
  • The traditional look of Tallit
  • Blessing on Neckband


  • Smell when unpacking, but it erodes quickly

#2 – Kosher Tallit Prayer Shawl Israel – Blue & Gold 100% Wool Kosher

Tallit is very similar to the previous one, with a blessing on the neck and Jewish symbols on the corners. The colors here are all in the same blue, white, and gold/silver colors. Tallit is made from 100% fine wool with luxurious stripes and cysts. The size, material, and quality of wool will delight you and increase your prayer time. With this Tallit, you can feel the sacredness of time during prayer.


  • Superior quality
  • Blessing and symbols embroidered
  • Kosher tzitzit


  • High-quality, but thin material

#3 – Talitnia Acrylic Tallit – Imitation Stripes Wool Prayer Shawl

If you need an excellent and high-quality Tallit at an economical price, then Talitnia Acrylic Tallit is an excellent choice. On the Neckband there is a blessing in Hebrew, also the shawl is decorated with certified kosher tzitzit on four corners. The shawl itself is supplied in a plastic case, and the original tag comes with it. The shawl has many colors, so you can choose the one that you like.


  • Low price
  • Several sizes
  • A large number of colors
  • High-quality imitation of wool almost does not differ from the present


  • Cleaning wool is harder than synthetics

#4 – Star Gifts Tallit Prayer ShawlPurple Messianic Matching New Convenant

White and purple threads form the basis of Tallit. Each of the four corners contains them. Upstairs are 7 Menorah candlesticks. The Star of David is embroidered in the middle, and the Fish is located at the bottom, which was used by Christians during the Dark Roman Occupation in the Holy Land. A prayer embroidered in Hebrew says: «Blessed are you O’ Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and have covered us with His Righteousness». Prayer embroidered with gold thread. This is one of the most popular Tallit on the market, which comes in four colors and is about 72×22 inches in size.


  • Easy to wash
  • 4 colors
  • Qualitative


  • Smell from packaging

#5 – Covenant Prayer Tallit English Matching/Hebrew with Matching Case

You can choose this Tallit in English or Spanish writing, which are 4 at each corner. The collar has a prayer and a messianic symbol on both sides. The prayer reads as follows: “Blessed are you O’ Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Yeshua the Messiah and has covered us with His righteousness”. The colors here are only two – dark blue and royal blue. The manufacturer warns that the shawl may have an odor and recommends washing Tallit before first use. The shawl comes in a protective bag with a description. Blue stripes are decorated with embroidery of golden thread. You can choose from three sizes: large, medium, or small.


  • Beautiful and durable material
  • Shawl Bag
  • Beautiful poems at 4 corners


  • Smell weathered for several days
  • Dyeing from golden thread

#6 – HolyLandMarket Shawl Tallit – Purple with Gold Messianic

The shawl is very similar to the previous one. Here we also have 7 candlesticks of the Menorah, the Star of David, and the Fish as the main elements on Tallit. The color scheme is slightly different – purple and beige color predominate. Each of the four corners is made with purple and gold thread, and Bible scripts in English are displayed at the corners. Like the previous one, the shawl comes in a bag. The manufacturer warns of odor and recommends washing before first use. You can choose 1 of 3 sizes of shawls.


  • Very low price for such a shawl
  • Thread quality and beauty
  • Protective bag


  • Smell weathered for several days
  • Dyeing from golden thread

#7 – Zion Judaica Tallit Prayer Shawl & Bag Polyester Kosher from Israel

This shawl is made not of silk, but of polyester, but it also has a number of advantages. Tallit is made from high-quality polyester, so the fabric is smooth, odorless, and unwrinkled. The neckband bears Jewish prayer, and the corners contain the images of Tablets with 10 commandments. Available in 4 colors, each with a silver thread: pink, purple, black, blue. You can also choose 1 of 6 sizes. There is a feature with a personalized version, where you can embroider any inscription you wish.


  • Zippered bag
  • Polyester without odor
  • The silver thread does not paint
  • Personalized options
  • A large number of colors and sizes


  • We did not find a single minus in this shawl, it does not even have negative reviews

#8 – Star Gifts Messianic Tallit Prayer Shawl – Matching Navy Blue and Gold Covenant Messianic

Tallit is embroidered with black, white, and gold threads, which contrasts a lot. The early Christian mark embroidered with a gold thread stands out in particular. The shawl is made of high-quality 100% polyester and comes complete with a zipper bag. Four corners of Tallit are decorated with prayers in English. And the neckband has a prayer in Hebrew.


  • Polyester without odor
  • Zippered bag
  • High-quality


  • Gold thread dyes a little
  • Not many colors and sizes

Judaica Clothes

A mandatory and most important element is a quadrangular cape with a hole for the head and four tassels at the edges. The cape itself, called a Tallit Katan, can be hidden under clothing or worn over a shirt, but the brushes are always straightened over trousers. Into its four corners are the threads of tzitzit – brushes instituted by the Torah. Jewish religious clothing was influenced by biblical commandments, the demands of modesty, and the modern style of clothing worn in many societies in which Jews lived. In Judaism, clothing is also a vehicle for religious rituals.

Classic tallit (tales) or Tallit Gadol is a prayer cover that we often see on men. Jews wear it during prayer, usually a white blanket with stripes. For a Jew and a non-Jew, this is a kind of marker and attribute, something that relates to the Jewish religion. A reminder of the covenant is a tallit, because how would he not look – its value in the hands, which are suspended from the corners.

Tallit – Tsitsit Cape With Tassels

Another name is “Tallit Gadol” (big), in contrast to the so-called. “Tallit katan” (small). Tallit katan, as a rule, is worn under a shirt or jacket and worn during the day, and tallit Gadol is placed on the shoulders over the jacket, both during the morning prayer of Shaharit and in some other cases related to the execution of the commandments (for example, during circumcision in tallit is dressed the father of the child). Tallit and brush Tzitzit on it are exclusively belonging to Jewish clothing. If you meet a person with Tsitsit, you can be sure that there is a Jew in front of you.

Tzitzit is woven tassels, bundles of threads (often woolen), which men must wear from the age of 13, the age of majority (bar mitzvah), at the corners of four-cornered clothing. Ordinary worshipers wear it during their morning prayers and Torah readings. In many communities, the cantors wear it during any prayer, and the father also puts a tallit on the circumcision of his son during the whole procedure.

Many Kabbalists and rabbis decided to wear a tallit all day to study the Torah. In some Hassidic communities (for example, in Karlinskaya), it is customary to pray at the Tallit on Saturday evening. Sephardic people wear it at a wedding. It is also customary for all Jews to bury in the Tallit.

Tallit, Tzitzit, and Tallit Katan

Tallit picture

Tallit is a Jewish prayer handkerchief worn when telling morning prayers, as well as in a synagogue on the Day of rest and holidays. The tallit has special twisted and knotted edges, known as the Tzitzit attached to its four corners. A Jew gets a tallit on the day of the majority. During prayer, he throws it over his shoulders, which symbolizes the divine patronage provided to the worshiper. When a cohen pronounces a priestly blessing, he covers his head with a tallit. When carrying the Torah scrolls to a new place, they are sometimes wrapped in a tallit. In some communities, a bride and groom are tied with a tallit during a wedding.

How to Wrap in a Tallit

It is said in the Torah: “Make your own brushes on the four corners of your garments, with which you are covered.” Talit should cover the body like ordinary clothes that people wear – sometimes covering the head, sometimes not covering. But, initially, it is desirable that he covered his head. However, they say that it is necessary to completely wrap up the head and most of the body. So wore their clothes the Arabs. And although today the Arabs also do not wear their clothes like that, it is enough that in the times of the sages there was such away. For a long time, the overwhelming majority of Jewish communities have spread the custom to wrap themselves up with tallit.

top jewish tallit prayer shawl

Therefore, initially after pronouncing the blessing, the following is done: cover the head with a tallit to the level of the eyes or to the level of the mouth, then gather all four edges of the tallit together in front and throw them back to the left shoulder. And they stand like that for the time it takes to pass 4 AMAs (approximately two meters). It is necessary that a large part of the body remains covered. Then the tallit is returned to its usual position so that it covers the head so that the tefillin is slightly visible, and the two ends of the tallith are in the front, and the two ends are in order for the person to be “surrounded” my commandments.

Stripes on Talit. The brushes should be the same color as the tallit. Rameau adds that the custom of Ashkenazim is to make tzitzit brushes of white color, even if the tallit itself is of a different color. Today, the custom is to make white color halite. The teacher made a light blue stripe on the waist in memory of the color of the toy. From here went Ashkenazic custom to make bands on Talit. In our time, it has become customary to make black stripes.

Tsitsit (Tzitzit)

Tsitsit – woven together in a special way the threads that are attached at the corners of quadrangular clothing. According to the law of the Torah, adult men from the age of 13, that is, from the age of Bar Mitzvah, the majority, must wear Tzitz brushes with any clothing that has four corners. Today, it is common practice for religious Jews to attach tzitzit brushes to a special cloth called tallit.

jewish prayer shawl meaning tassels

Tzitzit are edges or tassels worn by observant Jews at the corners of quadrilateral garments, including tallit (prayer scarf). As they, as the Orthodox tradition believes, are a commandment with a term, they are worn only by men; Conservative Judaism regards women as exempted from wearing Tzitzit.

Torah Commandment

The Torah commands the Jews: “To make themselves Tzitzit (brushes) at the edges of their clothes. You will look at the Tzitzit and remember all the commandments of the Most-High, and you will fulfill them. The tzitzit commandment has its own purpose: to remind the Jew of all the commandments, thereby, as it were, pushing them towards their fulfillment. Indeed, in the form of a brush tzitzit (8 strands and 5 knots on each, for a total of 13 elements) and in the word tzitzit itself (numerical value 600) there is a hint of 613 commandments of the Torah.

Tallit Katan

Throughout the day, they wear a Tallit Katan with tassels tzitzit on it – this is how the tzitzit commandment is carried out. Talit put on after the morning wash hands. Tallit Katan, as a rule, is made of white wool with black stripes. But there are pure white. Among the eight strands of the brush, there is one or two blue. The story is this: the secret of making a Taylet – blue dye, which is obtained from the mollusk Chylozon was lost about 2000 years ago. His recipe for paint Thelet was not recognized by most rabbis and was only used in a few communities.

In Sephardic and many Hasidim, on each corner, there is a tallit katan not one but two openings. In addition, on some brushes, in addition to the four (double) mandatory knots, you can see from 13 to 40 small knots on the threads of the thread. On this basis, too, members of different communities can be distinguished. Such a white veil, such as a poncho, is called a tallit. Traditional Jewish men’s clothing is a tailcoat or frock coat.

Dressing gowns are clothes for special occasions: festive silk embroidered with black on black patterns, a quiet robe for festive dinners, a yeshiva robe made of the cheapest fabric without a lining — for practicing in a yeshiva or coil. Many Hasidim wear a special black satin raincoat – Bekeche. Both the bonnet, the frock coat, and the Hasid gown must be tied with a belt woven from black silk thread or fabric. The braided belt can be a smooth ribbon – and open Gartl or a ribbon longitudinally rolled into a double tube.