Lighter is a compact portable device that helps to get fire faster

Most modern models are equipped with an elongated spout, which makes the ignition of the plate very convenient and comfortable. Advanced technologies are moving forward, and plasma arc lighters are gaining particular popularity.

Features of plasma arc Klearlook lighter:
  • Plasma Arc Lighter Technology. Klearlook uses plasma wave technology that is hotter than fire. It can instantly light dry leaves, holiday candles, cigarettes, and any combustible materials. Lighter Klearlook is the best choice for candles, barbecues, camping outdoors, traveling, and also indoors, bars, and other public places.
  • Rechargeable. In Klearlook, a lithium-ion battery is used instead of a battery. The battery charges in an hour and runs for more than 3 hours. The lighter can be used more than 300 times per charge.
  • High level of safety. The lighter does not contain butane, does not threaten your health. It automatically turns off after 10 seconds. Unique design prevents the touch of children.
  • Windproof and splash-proof. Windproof and splash proof design helps quickly to ignite different material. It is a high tech lighter.
  • Suitable length. The length makes it ideal for lighting a candle in a can, gas stove, hot barbecue, and more, without fear of burn. The arc lighter can also be used as a cigarette lighter.
The advantages of Klearlook lighters:
  • Non-slip pattern.
  • High-Tech design.
  • Premium material with compact size.
  • Suitable for various occasions.
  • LED indicator of battery.
Sparcker Lighter

This lighter is made with modern flameless technology. A special plasma arc creates a powerful electric current. You can use it for candles, camping, gas stove, kitchen, fireplace, and much more. The lighter comes with a USB cable and a built-in lithium battery that charges in 1-2 hours. On the Sparcker 5 light bulbs tell you when charging is required for a lighter.


The lighter has a built-in safety switch. Just slide the switch after use and store it away. The plasma arc automatically shuts off after 8–10 seconds to conserve battery power.

Odorless and Butane

Never worry that butane will run out again. When you choose Sparker you will save yourself from the harmful effects of butane and other chemicals. It will last you longer than a traditional lighter and save you money.


Sparcker has incredible characteristics that make it superior to the traditional lighter. You will never worry about wind, hard-to-reach places, and fuel. Choose only quality lighters on our website.

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