Jewish religious clothing

Jewish religious clothing was influenced by biblical commandments, the demands of modesty, and the modern style of clothing worn in many societies in which Jews lived. In Judaism, clothing is also a vehicle for religious rituals. The mandatory and most important element is a quadrangular cape with a hole for the head and four tassels at the edges. The cape itself, called a tallit katan or Arbekanfes, can be hidden under clothing or worn over a shirt, but the brushes are always straightened over trousers. Into its four corners are the threads of Cicis – brushes instituted by the Torah.

Clothes of Jews – Tallit, Tzitzit, and Tallit Katan

 Tallit is a Jewish prayer handkerchief worn when telling morning prayers, as well as in a synagogue on the Day of rest and holidays. The tallit has special twisted and knotted edges, known as the Tzitzit attached to its four corners. Tzitzit are edges or tassels worn by observant Jews at the corners of quadrilateral garments, including tallit (prayer scarf). As they, as the Orthodox tradition believes, are a commandment with a term, they are worn only by men; Conservative Judaism regards women as exempted from wearing Tzitzit. Jewish men are buried in Tallit as part of Tachrichim (burial clothing items).

Talit -tzitzit cape with tassels

Talit is a special quadrangular cape, to the corners of which are attached tzitzit threads. In tallit clothe during the morning prayer. As a rule, a tallit is a rectangular piece of white cloth, most often made of wool with several stripes woven around the sides. Tallit katan, as a rule, is worn under a shirt or jacket and worn during the day, and tallit Gadol is placed on the shoulders over the jacket, both during the morning prayer of Shaharit and in some other cases related to the execution of the commandments (for example, during circumcision in tallit is dressed the father of the child). Talit and brushes tzitzit on it are exclusively belonging to Jewish clothing. If you meet a person with tzitzit, you can be sure that there is a Jew in front of you.

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The Torah commands the Jews: “To make themselves tzitzit (brushes) at the edges of their clothes. You will look at the tzitzit and remember all the commandments of the Highest, and you will fulfill them. The tzitzit commandment has its own purpose: to remind the Jew of all the commandments, thereby, as it were, pushing them towards their fulfillment. Indeed, in the form of a brush tzitzit (8 strands and 5 knots on each, for a total of 13 elements) and in the word tzitzit itself (numerical value 600) there is a hint of 613 commandments of the Torah.

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