Torah Scroll
Before his death, Moshe wrote down thirteen Torah Scrolls in the Holy language. Twelve of them were distributed among the twelve tribes. The thirteenth, together with the stone Tablets of the Covenant, was placed in the Ark of the Covenant. If anyone tried to change the text of the Torah, the Scroll by the Ark of the Covenant would testify against it. According to the Mishnah, the Jewish kings took the Torah scroll for war. During public fasts and periods of drought, the Ark containing the Torah scroll was taken to the square where people were praying. In the Middle Ages, the vow was given by looking at the Torah scroll.
Every Jewish community must have at least one Torah scroll
The scroll has a special status of holiness. It is treated with reverence. It is impossible to touch the parchment with your hands, so when reading a special pointer Yad is used. The Torah scroll cannot be sold, except in special cases, such as the redemption of prisoners, the tuition fee, or the construction of a mikvah. In the synagogue, the Torah Scroll is stored in the special cabinet Aron Kodesh. When carrying out the Torah on Saturdays, it is customary to decorate a scroll with a crown.
Customs and rites
The carrying out of the Torah scroll and its reading are the most solemn part of the divine service in the synagogue. The reading of the Torah occurs in a specific order. Cohen is the first, Levite is the second, after that they summon in order another five Jews. Being called to the Torah is a great honor. Since the Middle Ages, there is a custom to meet royal persons visiting a community, going towards them with the Torah Scroll. According to the Jewish tradition, the Torah is the only document that contains the word of God and nothing but it. It is considered the most sacred subject for the Jews. Jewish law prescribes that the Torah scrolls, which are publicly read in the synagogue are written by hand.
The scribe rewriting the Sefer Torah is called the Soifer
He must be a religious Jew who can be entrusted with the implementation of numerous laws relating to this sacred work. There are many complex rules governing the exact size of the letters. The text should be written on parchment made from the skin of a ritually clean animal. So the scribe usually uses a cow, bird feathers, black ink, and straight lines. Scribes should be immersed in the water of the ritual pool before each spelling of the name of God.
Usually, an experienced scribe performs such work for the year
When Torah scroll is shown at the synagogue, people must stand up. When the Torah is removed from the Aron Kodesh during the service, the reader of prayer gently presses it to the chest. The Torah weighs a lot. If it is dropped on the floor, then all the witnesses of this should last all day. When a person carrying the Torah scrolls goes through the synagogue, the Jews kiss the scroll in a special way. They touch the case with their fingers and then kissing these edges or kissing them first and then touching the Torah scroll.
Torah Scroll Replicas
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