Judaism is a religion based on practice and action

One of these forms of religious practice is prayer. Jews must pray several times a day, and also on Sabbath, rest day. Jewish traditions require that men wear religious clothes during prayers, such as tallit. These clothes are made in a certain way.

What is tallit?

Tallit is a prayer shawl, which is worn during prayers on weekdays, Saturdays, and Jewish holidays. This is a large piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders and covers the arms. Tallit must have four knots tied at each corner, known as tzitzit. The Tallit tradition comes from a verse in the Bible that instructs Jews to add four fringes to clothing to cover them.

Tallit can be made of various materials. Most often it is made of high-quality fabric, namely cotton, wool, or silk. Different Jewish communities have different Tallitot styles. The Sephardic tallit is usually designed with white cloth and white stripes, and also white Atara. The Ashkenazi Tallitot style is usually made of white fabric and black or gray stripes.

Tallit clips

Tallit prayer handkerchief hangs on the shoulders and often falls or slips down, especially during prayer. Tallit clips are convenient clamps that hold a scarf. They connect the two sides of clothing. Tallit clamps can be made from plain metal or tin. Tallit’s original stylish clips are made of pure silver and even gold. Tallit is traditionally presented to a thirteen-year-old boy for his bar mitzvah. Then he becomes an adult according to Jewish law. The boy’s father gives him a tallit in honor of this holiday. Therefore, the clits of tallit will be a great and appropriate gift that will accompany the first tallit of the boy.

Kinds of Tallits

Designer Emmanuel creates Tallit with the image of Jerusalem, and sometimes from silk. Many manufacturers create incredible pure silver clips. Aluminum tallit in the form of a tree of life looks unusual and beautiful. The popular image on tallit Star of David – is a Jewish symbol for centuries with deep mystical sources. Such a design with a blue stone looks very attractive and will be an excellent gift not only for a bar mitzvah and also to the wedding for the groom.

In addition to the functional purpose, Tallit clips have become an opportunity to demonstrate your personal style. A distinctive set of tallit clamps contributes to attractive aesthetics. Choosing decorative clips to wear during prayer and religious ceremonies is an example of Hiddur Mitzvah or adornment of your devotion to your faith.

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