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Kippah Kipah Yarmulke Strings Star of David Design Royal Blue Silver Gold Velvet

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Klipped Kippah In Sear Sucker – Teal (Small)

Features two patented built-in klips Patented clipping system shown in image Actual look of inside of kippah may vary
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Israel Flag blue-white knitted kippah

This unique knitted Kippah has a white background and the Israeli Flag in the design, in a lively royal blue color.
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Yair Emanuel Hand Embroidered Hat/Bucharian Kippah Kippa – Birds in Silver

Elegant and Beautifully Embroidered Hat / Bucharian Kippah Dimensions: 7 1/2" in diameter
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Zion Judaica Bulk Synagogue Shul Rayon Kippot – Gross (144) (White)

A Zion JudaicaTM Product! Jumbo value pack of 144 Pieces. Strong fabric, great fit.
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Holy Land Market Blue Kippah with Golden Messianic Sign Embroidered Satin with Clip

Satin Kippah Yarmulke with Messianic Hebraic Roots symbol embroidered in center and designs around th edges Kippah to match our Blue with Golden stripes and knitting Tallit or prayer shawl Perfect fit and designed for our Holy Land Market Messianic Tallit ( Blue and Gold ) all sizes
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Kippah Kipah Yarmulke Strings Magen Davi Star of David Design Navy Silver Gold Velvet

The kippah has some powerful references in Talmudic literature, where it is associated with a sincere reverence for G-d. We wear a kippah as a sign of respect, and to remind us that G-d is watching over us. Fast Shipping! Item will normally arrive way before amazon estimation.
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Holy Land Market Black/White 17cm DMC 100% Knitted Cotton Kippah Torah Chabad Yarmulke Jewish

Jewish knitted Kippah ( 17cm or 6.7 Inch is length of the Kippah when folded ) Top quality Judaica Kippa from Israel Hand knitted Kippah - 100 % cotton Kippah
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Kippah with Flag of Israel (Star of David on Top)

White knitted kippah (yarmulka) With blue Flag of Israel (star of Magen David in center) Diameter: 15cm/6inches
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Zion Judaica Knit Quality Kippot for Affairs or Everyday Use Single or Bulk Orders – Optional Custom Imprinting Inside for Any Event (1PC, Sunflower Supreme Quality)

Hand-Crochet Original Designs by Zion JudaicaTM! Fine cotton yarns with tight weave, soft but sturdy body. Starch Free. Due to nature of item size and appearance may vary slightly.
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Black Velvet Kippah with Colorful Embroidered Border

Black velvet, 4-panel kippah Diameter: 21cm/8inch
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