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Salt and pepper shakers-Elegant salt and pepper shaker with lid-Adjustable pour hole Stainless Steel salt and pepper shaker

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Beautiful Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Rust Color Pomegranates and Floral Pattern

Tray features multicolor floral pattern and two sparkling translucent beads and carved silver leaves that form flowers Shakers features gold detailing over a gold background and rust color pomengranante design Small silver plaques are affixed to each shaker, inscribed with the words Shabbat Kodesh (Holy Sabbath) in Hebrew letters
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Salt And Pepper Shakers Set – Michal Ben Yosef ELEGANT 2PIECE SALTS SETS TURQUOISE TREE DECOR (Bundle)

ARBEL JUDAICA is are proud to present a personal work of art by Michal Ben Yosef – Elegant 2 Piece Salts Sets Red loam, Blessing Décor . The motifs Michal Ben Yosef selects for her unique works combined vivid colors, are drawn from the plant and animal life in Israel...

Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers Espresso Dark Brown Pepper Grinder Wooden Salt Shaker Set Pepper Mill Grinder Set

This beautiful 2 piece rustic-style wooden barrel pepper shaker grinder set fits perfectly into any home decor. Great for storing salt and pepper. Easy to use pepper grinder Easy to use for serving and entertaining - Made from quality materials making this set durable & portable
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Salt And Pepper Shakers Set – Yair Emanuel ANODIZE ALUMINUM SALT AND PEPPER SQUARE COLORES (Bundle)

Yair Emanuel Judaica’s online store is excited to present Yair Emanuel stunning collection of laser cut, anodized aluminum Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets.This spectacular Salt & Pepper Shaker Set will add a lively and colorful touch to your dining room or kitchen table. Each shaker’s rectangular shape is softened by...

Pomegranates and Olive Branches Hebrew Salt and Pepper Shakers

A perfect gift for any occasion! Made in Israel Glass

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Crystal Diamond Cut Shabbat Tableware Home Decor

Beautiful salt and pepper set, made from crystal. Shaped and cut as a diamond. Comes in an elegant gift box.

Salt and Pepper Wooden Shaker Pomegranates Designed by Yair Emanuel (SA-5)

A perfect gift for any occasion! Made in Israel Wood
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Yair Emanuel Salt and Pepper Shaker with Peacock Design

A perfect gift for any occasion! Made in Israel Wood

Salt and Pepper Shakers – Novelty Design Gravity Salt n Pepper Shaker Set, Stylish Ceramic Base, Premium Stainless Steel Top, ABS Body, Great Housewarming Kitchen Gift Idea (S&P Gravity Shakers)

✔ BEAUTIFUL MODERN SHAKER DESIGN: Spice up your kitchen with our beautiful Salt and Pepper Gravity Shaker Set, with ABS Body and Ceramic Base. This cute design will be a highlight in your kitchen and attract the compliments of your family & guests. Perfect gift idea for occasions like Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays or housewarming. Great gift for any chef or home cook! ✔ EASY TO USE: To use the salt and pepper shakers just tilt them upside down to open the gravity activated top and shake to get out salt or pepper. The shakers need to be filled with finely ground salt or pepper for use. NOTE: Salt and pepper are not included! ✔ FRESH AND FLAVORFUL SPICES: The shakers' gravity activated mechanism is closed when the unit is in regular upright position, which helps keep your spices fresh for longer. SMART DESIGN, NO MESS: This smart design and the fact that the dispensing mechanism is on top ensures that salt and pepper end up only in your food, not all over your table, so you won't have to constantly clean up salt & pepper mess off your table.
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Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Anodized Aluminum Hammered Gray Clasp Enamel

Elegant salt and pepper shaker set, made from anodized aluminum. A gray plastic ring hugs the shakers "neck". Bottom part is hollow and coated with ivory colored enamel.
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