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Yair Emanuel Combination Shabbat and Havdalah Set with Oriental Design

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Holy Land Market Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set from Jerusalem – 5 pieces

Set includes : Kiddush Cup , candle holder, Spice box with lid and plate. After your Shabbat leaves, a ceremony takes place with wine, spices, and a candle. The words in the center of the plate read Hamavdil Ben Kodesh Lechol ("The One who separates between Holy and secular") in Hebrew. In the very center is a Star of David.
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Aluminum Havdalah Set With Enamel, 4 Pieces, Grey

Modern Havdalah Set With Enamel Finish 4-Piece Set Includes a Tray, Cup, Spice Box and Candle Holder High Quality, Will not Fade or Peel

Majestic Giftware HS412 Havdalah Set, Nickel Plated

Nickel Plated Excellent Quality Elegant Design
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Havdalah Set Kiddush Cup Candle Spices Fragrance Jewelry Judaica Kabbalah

Nickel Plated Shabbat Havdalah SetFor the Havdalah ritual you will need three things: a glass of wine, some fragrant spices, and a special Havdalah candle.The Havdalah ritual is used for sanctifying the exit of the Shabbat and Jewish festivals, and the beggining of a new day. Havdalah is an essential...

Yair Emanuel Hammered Nickel Cone Shaped Havdallah Set – Multicolor Rings

Material: Hammered Nickel Color: Silver with Mullticolor Approximate Size: 4.7"x7.5"
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Havdalah Set For Braided Candle + Spice Box Holder – Yair Emanuel Judaica NICKEL HAVDALAH SET COMES APART HAMMER WORK

Made by Yair Emanuel Silver Yair Emanuel, designs and crafts in many different techniques. Among his techniques are hand embroidery, painting on wood, painting on silk and a variety of metal designs.
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Ceramic Havdalah Set by Armenian

Ceramic Hand made in Israel
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Yair Emanuel Gold Anodized Havdalah Set

Measures approximately 7" X 5.5" Made in Israel 4 piece set
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Silver Plated Quilted Design 4 Piece Havdalah Set

Elegant Silver Plated Havdalah Set Dimensions: 7.9" Height x 9.4" Width

Silver Plated Havdalah Set Round Jerusalem Design

Add a special touch to the havdalah recital with this exquisite Jerusalem designed set
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