Our Selection 13 Best Jewish Blessings

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Saint Benedict Home Blessing | Features Two Saint Benedict Medals and Crucifix for Spiritual ProtectionBuy on Amazon
DEXSA House Blessing Wood Plaque - Made in the USA - 5.5"x12" - Classy Vertical Frame Wall Hanging Decoration | Within this house may His peace abide | Christian Family Religious Home Decor SayingBuy on Amazon
MAMA WUNDERBAR Smudge Kit - White Sage, Cedar, Flower Sage, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo. Home Cleansing, Blessing, Manifesting, LoveBuy on Amazon
God's Blessing Rest on this House Room Blessing, Cynthia Webb Designs Fine Pewter Christian/Jewish Mezuzah Blessing - Handcrafted in the USABuy on Amazon
Saint Benedict Keys Blessing Protection for Home, Car or PurseBuy on Amazon
Royal Tara Bronze Plated Wall PlaqueBuy on Amazon
Hamsa, Hebrew Home Blessing 13 cm Nickel and CopperBuy on Amazon
My Daily Styles Blessing Home Good Luck Wall Decor Hamsa - EnglishBuy on Amazon
iCloud Goods Kosher Blessing Home Good Luck Wall Decor Hamsa Made in Israel in English 5.3' TallBuy on Amazon
My Daily Styles Large Wooden Hamsa Blessing for The Home - in English - Good Luck Wall Decor with Simulated GemstonesBuy on Amazon
A House BlessingBuy on Amazon
Meijiafei May Your Troubles be Less Your Blessings be More and Nothing but Happiness Comes Through Your Door - Beautiful Home Accessory Gift Sign 10"x5"Buy on Amazon
Good Luck Hamsa Hand Wall Decor Home Blessing Multicolor Oriental Design Evil Eye Protection Amulet (English Blessing)Buy on Amazon
Creative Brands Heartfelt Collection-Heartwarming Expressions Wire Framed Sentiment and Verse, 7 x 9-Inches, House Blessing-Joshua 24:15Buy on Amazon

1# Rabbi Ron Isaacs Every Person’s Guide to Jewish Blessings

Rabbi Ron Isaacs Person's Guide Jewish Blessings

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Living as a Jew is a magnificent gift, and each moment of our life counts.

From biblical times to the present, Jews have used blessings to consecrate the special moments of their lives.

From biblical times to the present, Jews have used blessings to consecrate the special moments of their lives.

This volume introduces readers, in a clear and user-friendly way, to the basic concepts of Jewish Blessings.

2# Crossroads Home Décor Shema Jewish Prayer Home Blessing

Crossroads Home Décor Shema Jewish Prayer Blessing

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BLESS THIS HOME SIGN with the traditional Jewish home decor that inspires families to pass down their faith to their children.

The English words are from the NIV version of the Bible. Include this traditional Judaism prayer and scripture in your Sukkot decorations, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah (Chanukah) celebrations.

Include this traditional Judaism prayer and scripture in your Sukkot decorations, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah (Chanukah) celebrations.

The finished frame size is 6″x12″ and holds a 4”x10” print.

Proudly made in the USA.

3# Marcia Falk The Book of Blessings New Jewish Prayers

Marcia Falk Book Jewish Blessings

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We are delighted to bring Marcia Falk’s groundbreaking book of creative liturgy back into print.

With new essays by scholars Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Rabbi Dalia Marx, and Rabbi David Ellenson, this volume will inspire a new generation and re-ignite those who encountered this innovative collection when it was first published in 1996.

Offering a complete liturgy in English and Hebrew for weekdays, Shabbat, and Rosh Chodesh, The Book of Blessings is a guide and inspiration to all who seek an authentic connection to the divine.

With this 20th-anniversary edition, which includes a new preface by the author as well as the original commentaries, Marcia Falk’s visionary work is poised, once again, to help communities all over the world to shape the conversation around Jewish prayer in essential and novel ways.

4# Matan Arts The Book of Blessings For the Sabbath and Holidays

Matan Arts Book Blessings Sabbath Holidays

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This book, intended for the entire family, features an array of blessings, dedications, prayers, and hymns for the Sabbath and holidays.

The book is divided into separate sections, from the Sabbath to every holiday.

Each section includes answers to integral questions of every measure.

The traditional text is accompanied by fascinating and beautiful illustrations, pictures, and works of art.

Using unique techniques, we added metal embossing and imprinting between the very leaves of the book, along with a wealth of gold print and lacquer finishing.

5# Michael Shire To Life! L’Chaim! Blessings Jewish Home

Michael Shire Life L'Chaim Blessings Jewish Home

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This illustrated guide to prayers and blessings is a jewel for the Jewish home.

Rabbi Michael Shire’s diverse selection from such treasured texts as the Sabbath prayer book, the Haggadah, and the Talmud shares timeless words to commemorate the significant moments in our lives: the observances of the Jewish calendar; the rites of passage that mark the cycle of life; as well as the simple pleasures of the everyday.

Gloriously adorned with illuminations from medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, both Ashkenazic and Sephardic in origin, these prayers and blessings (presented in both English and Hebrew) are supplemented by explanations that inspire a fresh understanding of the Jewish heritage.

To Life! L’Chaim! is a rich celebration of art and wisdom that honors the traditions of the past and helps shape the future’s path to faith.

6# Rachel Naomi Remen My Grandfather’s Blessings

Rachel Naomi Remen My Grandfather's Blessings

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In My Grandfather’s Blessings, Rachel Naomi Remen, a cancer physician, and master storyteller uses her luminous stories to remind us of the power of our kindness and the joy of being alive.

Dr. Remen’s grandfather, an orthodox rabbi and scholar of the Kabbalah saw life as a web of connection and knew that everyone belonged to him and that he belonged to everyone.

He taught her that blessing one another is what fills our emptiness, heals our loneliness, and connects us more deeply to life.

My Grandfather’s Blessings is about how we can recognize and receive our blessings and bless the life of others.

7# Linda Alchin Jewish Prayers and Blessings

Linda Alchin Jewish Blessings

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Enjoy the inspirational words via this ebook dedicated to Jewish Prayers & Blessings.

A wonderful collection of over fifty Jewish prayers and blessings suitable for a variety of different occasions, ceremonies, and rituals including the Amidah of Shemonah Esrei.

8# Top-Judaica Jewish Home Blessing In Hebrew

Top-Judaica Jewish Home Blessing Hebrew

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Package Dimensions: 12.28 x 7.72 x 1.81 inches.

9# Holy Land Market Jewish Prayer Home Blessing Decorative Dinner Plate

Holy Land Market Jewish Blessing Dinner Plate

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Armenian Pottery.

Hand-painted Jerusalem flowers and flowers.

Approximate Dimensions: 10.5 and 8.5 inches in diameter are available.

The plate comes with a hole on the back to be hanged on the wall if needed.

Prayer: Through this gate shall come no sadness To this dwelling shall come to no trouble Through this door shall come no fear In this place shall be no conflict This home shall be blessed with harmony and peace.

10# Benjamin Rabbi Blech Your Name Is Your Blessing

Benjamin Rabbi Blech Your Name Blessing

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This edition, with a new introduction, is one of many resources that can help in the Jewish naming process.

It is unique in that it covers the mystical, or kabbalistic, meaning of each name, the premise is that a name is a book and can predict the type of person the child will be.

More than 700 names are featured, in Hebrew and English, from ancient biblical to modern Israeli.

This book would be useful for traditional (Orthodox) Jewish families in unlocking mystical teachings.

The personal qualities in the names and “the blessing” (what lies ahead for the child) will be of interest.

11# CLAL The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices

CLAL Book Jewish Sacred Practices

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The book you hold in your hands is the result of the kinds of rituals we have sculpted together over the years.

It is not a prayer book or even a compendium of obligatory Jewish rituals.

Rather, it is a source for all to use creatively.

Decades of experience by CLAL―The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership in connecting spirituality with daily life come together in this one comprehensive handbook.

In these pages, you have access to teachings that can help to sanctify almost any moment in your day.

Drawing from both traditional and contemporary sources, The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices will show you how to make more holy any moment in your daily life.

12# Adam Kirsch The Blessing and the Curse Jewish People

Adam Kirsch Blessing and Curse Jewish People

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Following The People and the Books, which “covers more than 2,500 years of highly variegated Jewish cultural expression” (Robert Alter, New York Times Book Review), poet and literary critic Adam Kirsch now turns to the story of modern Jewish literature.

From the vast emigration of Jews out of Eastern Europe to the Holocaust to the creation of Israel, the twentieth century transformed Jewish life.

The same was true of Jewish writing: the novels, plays, poems, and memoirs of Jewish writers provided intimate access to new worlds of experience.

Kirsch surveys four themes that shaped the twentieth century in Jewish literature and culture: Europe, America, Israel, and the endeavor to reimagine Judaism as a modern faith.

With discussions of major books by over thirty writers―ranging from Franz Kafka to Philip Roth, Elie Wiesel to Tony Kushner, Hannah Arendt to Judith Plaskow―he argues that literature offers a new way to think about what it means to be Jewish in the modern world.

13# Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky Life’s Daily Blessings

Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky Life's Daily Blessings

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This inspirational companion helps you recognize God’s gifts in the everyday world around you.

For each day of the year, an inspiring quote from a Jewish source and a personal reflection on it helps you focus on your spiritual life and all the things you have to be grateful for.

Using both the secular and Jewish calendar as a framework, this daily devotional helps you honor the special and holy events of the year as well as identify the sacred in the mundane moments of your life.

It draws on the wisdom of Jewish sources and teachings, and ancient and contemporary spiritual thinkers, to gain perspective on the abundance that is all around you―in your achievements and challenges, relationships and personal time, joy and suffering, job and home.

It will help you elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary every day of the year.

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Blessings in Jewish culture are of great importance and are designed to protect and help people in solving all their everyday problems. These are prayers created for different occasions, widely used by Jews in everyday life. Each of them has its text, as a rule, taken from the Holy Scriptures, its special form of performance, its place of storage and use. Some of them are always used. Some are designed to serve a person once for a few years. It is worth noting that all players have a similar structure. The prayer contains a direct appeal to the only supreme, expressed the hopes and wishes for specific activities. It can be blessings for business, for home, for marriage, for a child, for drivers, and many other types of wishes for well-being in different spheres of life.

Jewish blessings

It is believed that the Jewish blessings for the baby that have the most significant impact since there are no analogs to similar ritual elements in other religions. Each type of amulet, in turn, differs in the meaning and content of prayers, kind of execution. If we are talking about a baby, it can be a prayer for health and protection against accidents, a prayer for prosperity and proper development, and many other texts-wishes relevant to a particular case.

Blessings for home

Jewish blessings for the home are varied. One of the most potent symbols for the Jews has always been the Menorah – as a symbol of the preservation of the Jewish people in suffering over many centuries, as a symbol of unity and awareness of belonging to an ancient nation. Amulet Segula is another solution to domestic issues, designed to protect peace and harmony in the house. There are also protective prayers from the evil eye and other thematic missives. In any difficult situation in the family applies a special amulet. The primary meaning of the Jewish household blessings is to preserve the traditions of the family, the people, the well-being, health, and good relations between relatives.

Hamsa Blessings

Today, many symbols are used by the broad masses of people without an understanding of their ancient sacred meaning, but this symbol is considered the most powerful amulet. Traditionally, in Judaic, an open palm is depicted, where the three middle fingers symbolize the parents and the child. The equal smaller fingers located on the sides are the thumb and little finger. The same size and symmetry reflect the harmony of the symbol. The eye of God, the fish, the Star of David can be represented in the upper part of the palm. Prayer is engraved or written on the fingers. Hamsa is used to protect the home, children, business, drivers, and their cars, for trips and other events. It is believed that the Hamsa at the entrance to the house protects it from all envious and evil influences. You can get Hamsa in the form of a palm, pictures in different styles of handwork, and other Jewish Blessings in our store.