jewish prayer shawl colorsKippah, or yarmulke, is a headdress worn by a religious Jew

This is a sign of respect for God. Jewish law requires that Jewish men cover their heads as a sign of honor and reverence for God. Although this is not an explicit law in the Torah, over the years it has become a generally accepted custom. Now the yarmulke is considered mandatory. Wearing this headdress testifies to belonging to the people who fulfill the commandments of the Most-High. It is forbidden to utter a blessing or study the Torah with a bare head.

Even a boy under the age of 13, who is not yet responsible for keeping the commandments, wears a kippah. When a boy begins to walk, he is taught to wear a yarmulke and the responsibility rests with his parents. The kippah is a tradition that has become an integral part of the religion of a Jew. The tradition has become so powerful that Shulchan Aruch forbids walking without covering the head more than a few steps, and the fallen kippah, when raised, is kissed like the Torah.

Types of kippot

Today, there are many types of yarmulke: knitted, satin, velvet, terylene, suede, leather, and others. The hand-embroidered yarmulke is very festive. If a kippah made with stretching material that covers most of the head, then it must not fall. If it is small, then it is fixed with a special hairpin. On special days it is customary to wear a festive kippah. It is white, often made of satin or silk.

Knitted yarmulkes come in different sizes, patterns, and colors

They are suitable for adults and children. Children can choose it with any favorite image. So some parents believe that it will help instill a love of Judaism. A large-sized knitted headdress with a stripe around it can mean that the person who wears it identifies himself as a follower of the teachings of Rabbi Abraham-Itzhak Cook.

Kippa black velvet is also suitable for children

For example, it may have the word Jerusalem, embroidered with a colored velvet thread on a black background. The name of the child, embroidered over the picture of the Jerusalem wall looks very bright and attractive. Velvet kippot of four wedges of dark shades are also worn by men from less strict communities. Many Ashkenazi Jews wear such yarmulke into a synagogue, or for holidays.


Kippot can be decorated like other Judaica items. However, the type of decoration often depends on the material. Some of the most popular decorations include the traditional stars of David, images of Jerusalem, and floral patterns. Some kippot have cartoon characters, sports team emblem, and other modern images. In addition, yarmulkes can be of different colors except black, namely red, blue, green, black, and other.

Specialty case

Many men on their wedding day buy a yarmulke, which they put on for the first time on a special day. Such kippot can be captured with the date of the wedding, the Jewish name of the groom, a romantic quote, and many others. Many Jews have headdresses for everyday wear and a separate kippah for Shabbat. It has thematic quotes that mention the importance of the Shabbat, for example, Remember the Sabbath or Sanctify the Sabbath and others. Some prefer to combine their kippah with a prayer scarf tallit.

There are the best quality kippot for any event

Kippah or Yarmulke is a thin, slightly rounded skullcap, traditionally followed by Jewish men who are observant in any case, and sometimes both men and women in Reform and Conservative communities. Its use is associated with demonstrating respect and reverence for God.

Female head coverings

Some Jewish women wear a Sheitel, a wig, or a Tichel scarf, which is worn to meet the requirement of Jewish religious law that married women cover their hair. Kittel is a white knee-clad cotton garment worn by Jewish prayer leaders and some orthodox Jews on High Holidays. In some families, the head of the household is Kittel on Easter Seder. In some circles, it is usually for the groom at a Jewish wedding to wear a Kittel under a wedding canopy.

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