Sabbath ritual

Sabbath is the end of the week and the beginning of a new one. Candles that Jews use for this holiday are a symbol of prayer for performing certain rituals. It is customary to light at least two candles. The fulfillment of this commandment is entrusted to the woman – the mistress of the house. Some women add one candle for each of their children. On Sabbath, all Jews from all over the world stop to think about the past week. They relax and spend time with family and friends, and also attend the synagogue.

Candles play a key role in Judaism

A set of candles for Sabbath is one of the most iconic and characteristic subjects of Judaic. Every Jewish family must have at least one pair of Sabbath candlesticks. The religious value lies in the candlelight, not in the candlesticks, but skillful artisans create magnificent specimens that adorn Jewish homes. Creative makers of candlesticks invent new styles and create them with different materials. This gives a special mood to Sabbath.

Types of candlesticks

Quality materials and more traditional aesthetics are combined in stannic candle holders. More refined and expensive candlesticks are covered with gold and decorated with precious stones and iridescent enamel. Sterling silver candlesticks with the Jerusalem Wall will be the perfect gift for any holiday. Nickel-plated candelabra look just as impressive and at a more affordable price. Silver candlesticks for Sabbath are bought most often for various reasons. It is silver that has been used for centuries. Many Jews choose the usual candlesticks that were in their parents and grandparents.

Craftsmen never cease to surprise

Wooden candlesticks cost cheaper but look special. They are decorated with different colors. Candlesticks have an unusual shape and colorful design. The seven species and floral motifs are most often depicted on lacquered candlesticks.

Some candle holders are depicted as two cherubs

Such candlesticks look like works of art, although they may not correspond to the biblical legend. Hebrew text is also depicted on them. Candlesticks are a symbol of the preservation of traditions, which are the history of the Jewish people. Israeli artist and designer Yair Emanuel creates magnificent candleholders who are crafted in a delightfully modern shape.

They can fit together or stand-alone

Such a bright thing will decorate a house with any interior and will be a great gift for any holiday. Emanuel creates exquisite art that will delight and inspire every day. You can choose candlesticks in any style. The main thing is that they bring you joy and you use them for the ritual of the Sabbath with pleasure.

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