Covers are very important for observing the Sabbath

Religious Jews don’t cook food on the Sabbath. Instead, they pre-cook for the Sabbath and use the electric cooker to heat special dishes which is called Plata in Hebrew. There is a ban on the use of electricity and kindling an open fire on Sabbath, especially for the purpose of cooking. But Jewish law allows for the placement of fully cooked food on preheated Plata.

Features of the electrical Plata

The electrical Plata is initially made so that its temperature is not very high. This allows you to keep food hot for a long time, and still does not allow food to burn. The electrical Plata was not originally designed for boiling, but only for maintaining heat. This means that a person does not use fire, which is prohibited on the Sabbath. In addition, in a conventional electrical Plata, there are no different levels of heating and it is impossible to increase its temperature.

Why do you need a cover?

The Plata can be fairly hot and dangerous to touch, so it requires a cover. Covers are usually insulated cotton. They prevent the food from burning and keep you safe from burning your hand. Cover has a wide application. It is used on every Sabbath and looks very attractive and festive. Heat your meals in style with beautiful Plata cover. A cover is an amazing ‘blanket’ that you can put over your food while it’s being warmed to keep the heat in and the food hot.

Types of Plata Covers
  • Yair Emanuel Plata Cover. Israel’s most popular artist Yair Emanuel creates incredibly beautiful Jewish things, including Plata covers. Emanuel’s products are characterized by a unique combination of traditional Jewish motifs, modern design, and technology. His works are brightly colored and brightly lit, and will surely add brilliance and style to any home.
  • Flower and fruit motif. Bright attractive bedspread will give a cheerful mood and set to a positive. Floral ornament, pomegranate, birds – these are the most popular drawings that adorn Plata Covers. You can surprise your guests with an attractive Plata Cover with an original design. Therefore, it is not only a practical thing but an excellent design solution. Thanks to the attractive view, Plata Cover can be a great gift for your friends and family.
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