On this holiday, friends and family gather at the table

The Easter Seder has become a popular way of spreading information and stories about the Jewish faith, culture, and also a place to rethink traditions. Regardless of whether you eat traditional Seder food or meal with modern accents, the plate is a central element of the meal and a start to discuss the importance of Seder food. The Seder plate, also known as the Seder bowl or Easter Seder, is placed in the center of each Jewish dinner table during Easter. This is a traditional plate that holds six kinds of foods.

Seder Symbols

Charoset is a sweet blend of fruit, honey, and wine. It is the symbol of mortar. Bitter herbs of Maror, Shazerat, and horseradish are symbols of all the difficulties that the Jews overcame. Korban is a hard-boiled egg that represents a festive sacrifice offered in the temple. Karpas is a vegetable that is dipped in saltwater. This is a reminder of the tears shed by enslaved Jews. Zero is a chicken wing or roast lamb.

Dish Seder features

Plate Seder plays an important religious role at Easter. This is the main symbol of the celebration that placed on the table, which focuses all attention. At the same time, it has an aesthetic character. So, many Jews prefer to acquire beautifully and richly decorated plates of Seder.

Types of plates Seder

The ceramic plate remains in the lead. It may have varied shapes. You can choose round, square, with cells for products. But the painting is most striking. And yet mostly blue-white colors predominate. Ceramic plates can have the design of the Star of David, scenes of Jerusalem, traditional grape, pomegranate, and floral designs. The Star of David is often depicted on the sterling silver, and between every two lines that form outside the star are six small plates for six products.

Porcelain plates are greatly appreciated

They also come in different colors. Saturated tones always create a fantastic combination. Hebrew engraved citations are gaining popularity. On such plates are also depicted images of six products. Twelve astrological signs look also very ineffective. There are no special rules regarding the appearance of the plate, which means masters and artists can use all their imagination to create incredibly beautiful Seder dishes.

Modern designs by Israeli artisans are a great way to maintain a constant interpretation of Jewish culture. Craftsman Yair Emanuel creates hand-painted wooden plates. You can also choose modernist designs. Shraga Landesman creates incredibly beautiful metal works. Particularly attractive is the Sedar cast aluminum dish. Its shape resembles the Red Sea. The glass plates of the artist Lili Shokhat embody sophistication, tenderness, modern color solutions, and playful motifs.

Plates Seder for children

Like many Jewish subjects, some Seder Easter plates are specially made for children. This is a great opportunity to entertain all kids. Such plates have a special attractive design. Animals, birds, flowers are sure to interest children. Such a plate should be made of durable material because children can play with it. On this page, you can choose bright colors and unique Seder plates.

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