Charity is an integral part of Judaism

It can be done in different ways. The most common form is the provision of money to the needy. Therefore, many Jews have a special box Tzedakah. When it is filled, they give money to the needy or a charitable foundation. The Tzedakah boxes are often placed in synagogues so people can donate money before the Sabbath. This box is an important part of the synagogue, the same as the prayer shawls. Tzedakah box looks like a piggy bank. In the upper part, there is a slot for inserting coins and the lower part is opened so that you can get money.

The assortment of Tzedakah caskets

Tzedakah porcelain and ceramic boxes have different shapes. There are no restrictions here. They may look like a soccer ball or a synagogue building. Boxes of this material have a high price because they can look like works of art. But these boxes fragile. Sterling silver and tin boxes are among the most popular. They have a very beautiful design. The word Tzedakah is usually engraved in Hebrew.

Images of Jerusalem, vines and floral motifs look great, so they are in demand

Wooden boxes Tzedakah usually painted with flowers, depictions of Jerusalem, Star of David, and other popular images. The advantage of wooden boxes is their strength and excellent unique look. Tzedakah boxes have evolved. Initially, it was a small blue box. Now you can buy unique Tzedakah, which looks incredibly attractive. Craftsmen make them from virtually any material. They can be like home decorations.


Charity in Judaism is regarded as one of the most important things a Jew can do. This is not just a value, but a commandment and a sacred commitment. Tzedakah for a Jew is not just charity. For them, this is a symbol of justice. This is what every Jew needs to do. Tzedakah is one of the three ways in which Jews can receive forgiveness from their sins.

Giving Tzedakah is the responsibility of everyone, even the poor, who themselves take Tzedakah

According to the Talmud, a person who gives even the smallest coin has the privilege of feeling the presence of God. Many Jews do it anonymously. Some Jews throw coins at Tzedakah when they reach certain goals and celebrate them. They also teach children to this tradition, and give them a few coins, focusing on charity. These boxes will be a great gift for a bat mitzvah and any Jewish holiday.

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